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  #3: 7th International Vacuum Congress 1977

 From Sept. 12 to 16, 1977, the 7 th International Vacuum Congress of IUVSTA was
 held together with the 3rd International Conf. on Solid Surfaces (7th IVC  & 3rd  ICSS)
 at the Congress Center Hofburg in Vienna's Imperial Palace. More data can be found
 on page International relations and congress organization, here a selection of photos.

Portrait Portrait
Congress eve: Welcome party in the magnificent
Ceremonial Room of Congress Center Hofburg,
attended by more than 1000 participants.

Day 1: Grand opening by the Federal President of Austria, Rudolf Kirchschläger. 1st row from right:
H. Bertele, F. Rüdenauer, R. Schrieffer + L. Esaki
(Nobel Laureates), F. Paschke, R. Dobrozemsky,
M. Higatsberger, R. Kirchschläger, L. Gratz,
H. Firnberg, (…), A. Venema, F. Viehböck, …

Portrait Portrait
Grand opening: Leopold Gratz, Mayor of the City
of Vienna, welcomes to the town.

Grand opening: Michael J. Higatsberger, President
of Austrian Vacuum Society (ÖGV), welcomes
the participants to the congress.

Portrait Portrait
Following the congress opening, R. Kirchschläger
made conversation with attendees …
… and he took great interest in the technical exhibition also.

Portrait Portrait
Also Herta Firnberg, Federal Ministry of Science
and Research, was interested in the exhibition.
F. Viehböck (left) presents one set of Proceedings
to R. Kirchschläger.

Portrait Portrait
It was the first Vacuum Congress with complete
Proceedings available already at opening. Every
participant got one set (altogether 2774 pages in
three volumes). 14 tons in all of Proceedings had
to be handled by the congress staff!
Ladies gift: A nice porcelain dish with inscription
"7th IVC & 3rd ICSS Vienna 1977" was given to
all ladies who had registered. The handicrafts with
names of the artists inscribed had been produced
by Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten.

Portrait Portrait
The Vienna Vacuum Congress was the first one in
this series with emphasis on poster sessions …
… with this kind of presentation stimulating lively
discussions among participants.

Portrait Portrait
T. Madey (left) talking to P. Redhead J. Singleton (left), L. Esaki (center) and J. Imachi

Portrait Portrait
A full week Technical Exhibition covering 700 m2
in all booth area within Congress Center Hofburg
was another outstanding event …
… with some equipment actually in full operation,
consuming a lot of LN2 and tons of cooling water
within that historic castle Hofburg.

Portrait Portrait
Reception and Congress Dinner at Vienna City Hall: Vienna Musik and participants dancing …

… with the usual combat at the buffet. This photo:
T. van Oostrom (centre, glasses) and J. Yarwood
(looking at him).

Portrait Portrait
Johann-Strauss Concert at Vienna Concert Hall:
Vienna Symphony conducted by W. Sawallisch.
All 1800 seats of the Concert Hall were needed
for congress participants and exhibitors.

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