Dinosaur digs in Montana and Utah

  Two-Medicine Formation near Bynum, Montana, USA (2005)

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George and Rudi joined a group of volunteers
headed by paleontologist Dave Trexler, founder
and director of Two Medicine Dinosaur Center
in Bynum, MT 59419. This photo shows field
work near Bynum.
Hadrosaur ("duckbill") bones in the fields near

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Gypsum jacket: A significant, half-meter-size bunch of bones (kept in its original status) was wrapped in plaster to prepare the transfer to the museum's lab for thorough investigation.
After completion of a Ten - Day Field Seminar, covering geology, palaeontology, identification and preservation of fossils, etc., this Certificate was given to Rudi.

  Suarez dinosaur site and Price, Utah, USA (2010)

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Field work at Suarez dinosaur site, digging for Falcarius utahensis, a rare therizinosaur that was found here for the first time within the Western Hemisphere. Some of the bones uncovered by Rudi, Besides a soft brush and a few other suitable instrument, field work requires a lot of patience.

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Prehistoric Museum (Price, Utah): During our
voluntary field work at the Suarez dinosaur site (excavating a new rare species), paleontologist John Bird, director of the Prehistoric Museum who headed our group, offered us a special tour to his treasures, among them this skeleton of famous Utah raptor, the scary creature known from movie "Jurassic Park".
Prehistoric Museum: Most exciting to us, John
Bird allowed us to touch actual claws of Utah
raptor - same size as in "Jurassic Park"- but here
it's real petrified dinosaur bone!

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