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   #1:  Rudi's private lab 1997 - 2011

 After leaving Seibersdorf (ARCS) in 1997, Rudi rented 56.3 m 2 lab space in the
 basement of Vienna University of Technology where he operated a number of
 vacuum and gas-analysis systems, essentially based on the equipment he had used
 during his time at ARCS - supported by his family menders, by former coworkers,
 and by a number of students.

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Gas-analysis equipment (right) with calibration system (left) allowing quantitative real-time gas analysis with in-situ calibration even during the course of the measurements.

Rudi checking the temperature of a specimen.

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George assisting during a measurement.

Rudi's stack of data storage disks - uninterrupted use since 1980(!)

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Small vacuum system for exposure of samples in HTO (tritiated water) atmosphere.

UHV chamber for calibration down to 10-10 mbar by static and dynamic expansion (that time used for HTO expansion out of small hv-valves)

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Rudi's primary pressure standard: gas handling system of the Hg manometer KALI-2

Front of the gas handling chamber KALI-2

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Outside view of KALI-2 showing the
two Hg columns

A versatile space simulation chamber
for mechanical and thermal cycling
tests according to ESA norm.

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Sophisticated multi-purpose outgassing system adapted for a hydrogen-car related test program

UHV outgassing chamber with large chain flange

Rudi's photo archive
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