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     #2:  Round-the-world trip 1990

 In 1990, Rudi and Mini celebrated 25th anniversary ("silver wedding") by a six-weeks
 "round-the-world" trip: Bangkok, Bali, Singapore, Fidschi, French Polynesia (Tahiti,
 Moorea, and Manihi-atoll), Hawaii (Maui and Big Island), and some selected sites in
 the south-western United States. Here a small selection of our outstanding memories
 (photos taken by Rudi).


Portrait Portrait
Traditional burial rite on a beach in Bali. Balinese dance


Portrait Portrait
Preparations of an earth oven for a fine meal.

A sea snake in the shallow water in front of our
cabin - fortunately, he (or she) was not interested
in the photographer

Portrait Portrait
This native sold us the cannibal fork he is holding
in his left hand - perhaps used by his parents(?).
Mini with traditional headdress.

 Manihi Atoll, Polynesia

Portrait Portrait
Our cabin on Manihi atoll (near Tahiti) where we
stayed almost for one week - drinking just rain
water and eating parrotfish and other interesting
looking creatures freshly caught by the 10-years
old son of our host.
Sunset over the lagoon of Manihi as seen from our
cabin with us, our polynesian host, and her kids
the only humans along many miles on that small atoll.

 Maui, Hawaii

Portrait Portrait
Sunrise at the rim of Haleakala volcano (3000 m
altitude) with a touching fog mood in the 800 m
deep crater, a massive depression of 3 km width
with a length of 11 km.
Endemic silver sword ("'ahinahina" in Hawaiian),
up to 1 m in diameter. The rare plant can be found
in the upper regions of Haleakala volcano only.

For our stay, we had made reservation in Makena bed and breakfast operated by Boogie Lu'uwai and his wife. It was only after our arrival that we became aware of Boogie's outstanding and versatile personality, highly decorated for special services to the US. That time, he was running for a political position - so, we saw him (see photo), his wife, and supporters preparing hundreds of election posters. Boogie told us many stories about the Hawaiian islands and their indigene population. It was an outstanding experience.


 Big Island, Hawaii

Portrait Portrait
One of the many thousand blossoms
we could see during our stay.
Another example of Hawaii's beauty.

It was impressive to stay at the beach and observe
Kilauea's lava flow entering the sea (by the indigenes ascribed to action of Pele, Hawaiian goddess of fire).

 Zion National Park, Utah

Portrait Portrait
A special event was our hike in
the narrows of the Virgin river
in Utah's Zion National Park,

Yes, it was most time wading in the cold water of
the Virgin river - two hours upstream and two
hours back again!

 Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

During our hike in Valley-of-Fire State Park, Rudi
tried to slip through a narrow natural tunnel.

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