Susi Menhart's Portrait

Susanne Menhart

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn.
Msc (Medizin. Physik)

Sechshauserstr. 82-84/12-13
A-1150 Vienna, Austria


personal data:

  • born April 23, 1970, in Vienna, Austria
  • married since 1995 to Martin Menhart,
    two daughters Judith and Rita Menhart born 2006, 2009
  • master degree in 1996 at the Vienna University of Technology
    (diploma thesis on neutron depolarisation at the Atominstitut der österr. Universitäten)
  • PhD degree in 2000 at the Vienna University of Technology
    (PhD thesis on plasma diagnostics using fast He beams at the Institut für Angewandte Physik)
  • since 2001 freelance activities in IT-services together with husband Martin
  • professional activities:

    In 2001 my husband Martin and I founded "m-sys". We offer IT-services (networks, servers, firewalls etc) with main focus on security. You can find more information on the m-sys website (in german)!

    further interests:

    music / culinary interests / movies / physics / travelling / bicycling
    I am member of a renaissance ensemble - the Vienna Vocal Consort. Our repertoir includes mainly renaissance music (Gesualdo, Palestrina, Monteverdi, Gabrieli,...) but also traditional Austrian music. We recorded a CD in 2001 (various Renaissance Composers) and a Palestrina-CD in 2002. Our next project will be a recording of the Tenebrae Responses of Gesualdo.
    One very important thing in the daily schedule of me and my husband Martin is Österreich 1, the austrian cultural radio channel. Besides "classical" music and very interesting documentations and discussions there is also a high quality program for contemporary music, which we are especially fond of. There are two excellent festivals for contemporary music at the Konzerthaus in Vienna: "HÖRGÄNGE" in spring (about 2 weeks) and "WIEN MODERN" in autumn (about 4 weeks). During these festivals we are attending concerts almost every day! Some of our favourite Ensembles are Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Modern, Arditti Quartett, and the Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna (RSO).
    Martin and I also like to make music together. Sometimes we meet with friends and play Jazz standards. Martin plays the base and I am singing. More often than playing Jazz we enjoy listening to it. A perfect place to do this in nice atmosphere is the Jazzclub Porgy&Bess.
    culinary interests
    Our favourite food is Asian (Thai, Indian, Sri Lancesian, Indonesian, Japanese...). We often cook exotic dishes, especially since we are having a cast iron wok.
    We are also very fond of wine. Particularly we like "barrique"-upgrades (i.e. wine stored in oak barrels) of Austrian wines, red wines like Blaufränkischer, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, and white wines from the Styria and Wachau. You can get more information on the wines from Austria-homepage.
    During my official business in Glasgow in March 1998 I had the opportunity to taste some other alcoholic beverage stored in oak barrels - Single Malt Scotch Whisky. I was surprised about the big difference to the Blended Scotch Whiskys, which you usually get when ordering whiskey. Martin is especially fond of the Single Malts from the Isle of Islay (Lagavulin, Bowmore ...). I am a fan of Oban and Clynelish. You can get more information about whisky from the Scotch Whisky Association.
    We like to go to the Kaffehaus (coffee-house), a very typical Viennese institution, where we drink coffee, read papers (news or scientific) and enjoy the atmoshere.
    We are especially fond of the so called "artistic" cinema movies , but due to our work and the other hobbies we don't find enough time to go to the cinema very often! Here is a list of some of our favourite directors and movies:

  • Peter Greenaway: Drowning by Numbers
  • Wim Wenders: Der Himmel über Berlin
  • Jim Jarmush: Dead Man (don't confuse with "Dead Man Walking"), Down by Law
  • Terry Gilliam: Brazil
  • Joel Coen: Barton Fink, The Big Lebowsky
  • Pedro Almodovar: Live Flesh, Talk to Her, All about my Mother
  • Hal Hartley: The Book of Life
  • Jean-Pierre Jeunet: Amelie
  • physics
    Since I started my freelance work in IT, I don't spend so much time with physics as before. But I really enjoy discussions with my friends about physical topics!
    Martin and I are especially fond of travelling! We spent several times in the US, the last time we went there was for 10 weeks on our honeymoon in 1995. We have also been to Great Britain many times - one of our nicest holidays we spent in Scotland. In summer 2000 we went to Asia for the first time in our lives. We spent 4 weeks in Malaysia and Thailand. We were so enthusiastic about the landscape, the people, and of course the food, that we decided to spend our next holiday in summer 2001 again in this part of the world: we went to Bali and Java. This was also a fascinating experience!
    We like bicycling - especially as city transportation.

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